"Darian  is an incredible trainer/coach. She makes you want to come back for  more. Her understanding and knowledge of workouts for every level of  fitness, guarantee a program that suits your individual needs and goals.  The atmosphere in which you work out in is so clean and inviting. I  can't wait to go back."

-Kelly S.

"I recently started Group Training at Studio D. I love that our workouts  are different everyday. You're never bored with the same old workouts  here! The variety of routines from TRX to Pilates and weight training is  fun and I am already seeing results. I would highly recommend Darian  and Studio D for your workouts."

-Courtney C.

"Darian not only helps with  diet,nutrition, and strength training. She also helps you to manage  stress and foster your creativity. If you are living a life that is out  of balance, she helps you to bring it all together and manage all of the  hats you have to wear! My favorite thing about Darian is that she not  only tells you HOW-she teaches by example."

-Jenny S.

"Darian  takes a comprehensive approach to improving physical and mental health.  If you're looking to improve your nutrition, lose weight and gain  strength and endurance, PowerChix Studio is the place to be."

​- S. Swinehart

"Darian  is an amazing personal trainer and health coach.  She is compassionate  and extremely knowledgable.  Darian's passion for health and fitness is  inspiring."

​M. Rush

"Darian  is such a blessing and inspiration. She is a terrific coach that  creates a very specific plan for each individual's goals. Her devotion  and wisdom, and highly encouraging character has been a true gift to  me."

- A.Lyendecker 

"Darian is an amazing  person.She is nonjudgmental, encouraging, and motivates you to want to  be a better person. The workouts are customized to your specific needs  and starts out at a pace that doesn't make you feel defeated from the  start. Her goal is to help you reach your goals and educate you along  the way."

Would highly recommend to anyone.

-Tracy O

"Darian is an excellent  trainer and health coach. She is so encouraging and  knowledgeable. Darian adapts to any level u are on. She has personally  helped my self esteem and has gave me the encouragement to be a better  person.. She is not only helping you but she is your biggest fan."

-Kylie C.

"Darian does a wonderful job  teaching Pilates. You can really feel the difference after a work out  and feel energized. You can feel your body working all the muscles you  normally wouldn't use. Darian is such a positive influence and has more  to offer than just a coach she can turn a frown upside down."

-Kayleigh R