What I do as a Health Coach?

I help with bad habits, guide you to make better food choices, help you figure out goals. I will help you get unstuck. I will help you learn the ROOT CAUSE of your health issues and make suggestions, provide resources and tools. I will also help you with career changes, and business coaching. Most of all I will motivate you to set boundaries to succeed with your goals!

Walking your own path with a little help from a friend.



The benefits of working with a Health Coach

Time management.

Finding an Exercise routine.

Manage Stress/Anxiety.

Set boundaries.

Learn self- care tools.

Educate about foods.

Help Complete goals.

Get unstuck.

Provide outside resources.

Motivation to try new things. life health nutrition Lancaster Carroll Rushville


The stage is yours!

Taking charge of your health.

When you start anything for the first time it is definitely a little scary. I do TV, and I can say on most days I am nervous, and anxious, but it also reminds me that I am alive, and my body is healthy and responding. But after I start- everything always falls into place. I believe this with Health and Fitness, and anything you try for the first time, it is always going to give you a little nervousness that is just a fact. But imagine what it would feel like to let go of bad habits, mismanaged time, build up stress and anxiety. It would feel great right? These things can all become things of the past when YOU DECIDE to take charge of your health. In high school I lived on bags of candy, as a young adult it was spaghetti o's, mac-n cheese, and alcohol, and by the way....I used to be a smoker......I'm not sure how I'm not a diabetic. But I decided I wanted more  in my life and if I just started somewhere that was better than staying stuck. I wanted to feel my best as a parent, I wanted to energy to keep up with the sleepovers, errands, baseball games, and my businesses. Now I am equipped to learn how to balance it all.  I love to motivate others and now I encourage you to decide what your story is going to be.

Health Coaching Details

Lets' talk Business

Do you need help with your business?

I have years of experience running a business, as well as knowing what it is like raising a big family and creating a healthy balance. Branding, Marketing and Advertising are all passions of mine that help keep my businesses fresh. $75 Let's set up a jam session, in person or an old fashioned phone call.

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